Why become a member?

Why become a member of Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club?

By joining, you will not only get to become a valued member at Bishop Auckland TTC and all the benefits that come with it, but you will be helping the local community and safeguarding the future of our great club for generations to come.

Save you Money!

Your membership will lower your session fees each time you play, even if you only play once a week you will be saving £25 annually just in session fees!  If you play more often, you will save even more!

As a part of the membership package you will also get up to 25% off Bribar table tennis for all your table tennis equipment

Your membership fees allow the club to keep the session fees low and affordable to the whole community meaning more people can enjoy our great sport and increase the pool of players to play with.

Best possible coaching team and equipment

Your membership fees help the club invest in the club coaches, keeping them up to date with the latest table tennis trends and coaching techniques. Along with making sure our coaches are up to date with the requirements for their coaching licence, all giving you the best possible opportunity to improve your game and experience at the club.

The club is proud to offer the best equipment in the North East. From plenty of balls at each session to high quality tables, nets, and coaching aids.  Your membership fees help go towards making sure we have enough balls and high quality bats; help keep us ahead of the times with coaching aids and towards keeping the tables and nets in the best possible shape all aiding to your experience. 

Playing opportunities

The club is always looking for new ways to improve and increase its playing schedule; giving you more opportunities to play. This includes a large number of teams in the Local, National and British leagues. Unlike other clubs we do not charge additional fees to play in our teams.

Your memberships go towards being able to expand our sessions and help provide the wide range of team and competitive opportunities without extra payments

Exclusive Kit

Team members get the bonus benefit of the exclusive Tibhar shirts which have been designed specially for the club. These shirts are not available anywhere else in the WORLD!

“Team” members also will get a reduced renewal fee for the 21/22 season as new shirts will not be required. 

Develop youth Programmes

Your membership fees help fund an incredible amount of important work with and for young people throughout the area. Our youth programmes are about more than playing table tennis; we give young people opportunities to challenge themselves, grow and develop within a culture of respect, acceptance, and understanding. More experienced young players are expected to support developing players, to promote a culture of ‘giving back’ and community cohesion.

Talent Development:

Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Club run several highly successful coaching programme(s) for those wanting to be more competitive. The club has a growing reputation of producing nationally ranked players through its Beginners, Futures and Top Squad programmes for the keen and talented young players. Your membership fees helps makes our programme available to the wider community ensuring young people can be supported and finance is not a barrier to their future.

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