New Building Project

Bishop Auckland Table Tennis club is now embarking on its biggest mission yet!

To build a brand-new world class table tennis community hub for the local community of Bishop Auckland and South West Durham.

The Club

As a charity we are committed to being a Table Tennis club that supports the local area: priding ourselves on offering a welcoming and friendly environment, making table tennis accessible to all ages and abilities whether as a player or volunteer.

We use table tennis to develop good people and good players, using table tennis to help tackle the challenges of the local area and teaching life skills, such as communication, discipline, hard work, Respect and understanding and promoting personal improvement with each week over 350 people taking part in table tennis.

The club has developed a culture that promotes self-efficacy and goal setting with the coaches there to aid in achieving personal goals set by the players from getting 10 shots on in a row to representing England.

Table tennis is a great sport as it so inclusive, this allows the club to integrate many different people together with table tennis breaking down barriers between age groups and schools and able and disabled people.

As a charity and support from the community and partners were able to offer table tennis at a very affordable rate allowing access to the whole community.

The Project

The new building will cater for the needs of the club and the community. The new, fully disabled friendly facility will see 18 table tennis table hall. This larger playing hall will allow the club to run more sessions. The extra tables will allow the club to run extra sessions combining the coaching programme with social tables, allowing everyone access to a table every night while we can also run coaching session side by side freeing up nights to run sessions for other community groups and wider audiences within the area giving more people the chance to get involved in table tennis, such as special Olympics sessions.

The new facility will also allow day time day access to the community, something we cant currently offer, this will enable the club to again to offer table tennis to further members of the community where an evening might not be an option, Such as Alzheimer’s groups or new/single parents sessions and further access for older people.  The daytime facility will also allow the club to offer local schools the opportunity to come and get coaching in the hall with club coaches with the hope of them attending club sessions.

The hall would also be a 12-table tournament hall, which gives us the option to host British Leagues, National Leagues and National Cups etc added prestige for the area and act as inspiration to the members and users.

In addition to the large playing space there will be a large social space, allowing a comfortable and welcoming space for participants to relax before, during and after sessions providing us with a less formal space to welcome new participants and run more informal social sessions for inactive people.

The area will also allow the club to engage with parents, helping to recruit volunteers while helping to promote internal opportunity, such as holiday training days, tournaments, Social and Charity events, as well as external training and community events, to help with community cohesion and community development. Club successes and team opportunities can also be displayed to help build community pride.

The social space provides us a space to run further projects, such as a recycling and charity collections to fit within the clubs aims of community support

The hub will also have a community room, allowing us to run training courses such as first aid for the community while offering a space for kids to do homework before sessions or a safe space to stay before sessions. The small kitchen in the hub allow the club to sell refreshments providing added value to users, and access to health food before sessions and help us educate about healthy eating in a practical way. 

The new build will have clean and fresh changing and toilet facility with showers, providing everything the community needs to participate in table tennis and community life

Why it is needed?

Our current hall at Bishop Barrington School is currently full most nights with 11 tables being taken up with our coaching programme, This currently means that some members of the community cant access the hall as the days there free we don’t have any tables available for social or casual participation thus not supporting the community as we would like, the new hall with more tables will allow us to run sessions side by side freeing up nights to run sessions for further areas and community groups, while also keeping some tables free for social/casual play each night. This gives much more flexibly to the community to access table tennis and the facility.  

Further need is we don’t have access during the day. This also effects our ability to cater for some aspects of the community, those who need public transport, carers or those who feel anxious to be out at night. The new facility will allow full day time access allowing the club to run day sessions aimed at these users and many more.

Our current hall is set up just for playing table tennis with a few chairs, this makes socialising and engaging with participants, parents and partners very difficult this also makes our aim to improve communication skills and understanding when users play and go home without a space for them to use or want to stay within the club after or before sessions to socialise, this also means we cant meet our aims and allow better interaction between different sections of the club under one roof so the community in the club can better group dynamics and culture

We currently have no access to changing rooms or showers and only have 1 toilet, this is far from an attractive offer for people to come to the  club to participate in sport and then have to leave feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, the new hall will give a safe and fresh space to shower, change and allow people to leave feeling good after the sessions.  


Can you help?

So far we have raised over £100,00 towards a £220,000 cost of the project and are looking to secure the rest of the funding to ensure this fantastic community facility gets built.

You can make a single donation via our local giving page.

You may be interested in sponsoring the club, Via its national events, its club kit or advertising within the hall.

Sponsorship Pack

Of finally you may be able to assist with materials or expertise to help us get the job finished, for this please contact 


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