National Junior League 13 Day 1

National Junior League Day 1.

Hoping to improve on last year’s 7th place in the Dunlop National Junior league.  The team from Bishop Auckland TTC made up Of Zak Hutchinson Robert Renton Carl Draper and Tom Whittaker made the short trip over to Middlesbrough to compete in this seasons Dunlop National Junior league. First up was home team Ormesby A and one of the 2 favourites, Rob Renton got the team off to a great start with a 3-0 win over the number 1 from Ormesby. Tom put in a good display to push Ormesby’s number 2 into the 4th before losing. The game of the match proved to be Zak’s first match vs the number 3 from Ormesby, after racing into a 2-0 Zak was pulled back and into a 5th set, At 10-8 down things were not looking good for Zak, However Zak had other ideas about the outcome. He pulled it back to 10-10 and the match continued to yo-yo with both players having, losing and saving match points before Zak eventually took the 5th set 20-18!!, Tom then found the number 1 too Strong and Rob lost 16-14 in the 5th to the number 3 and Zak lost to the number 2.  At 4-2 things were not looking good.  However Tom then found his gear to beat the number 3 and his 1st of the match before Rob picked up his second of the match to beat the Ormesby number 2 by 3 games to 1 and equal up the match. This left Zak to play for the match and unfortunately for BATTC the number 1 was too good for Zak. Meaning a 5-4 loss to start the day but a great performance. And the match could easily gone the other way.

Next up was Ormesby C, an inexperienced team and the team of Tom Carl and Zak all picked up hat tricks winning all their matches for a 9-0 win, With their wins in this match Carl and Zak should now appear on the next ETTA national ranking list at the end of this month.

Final Match of the day was against the other favourites Northfield A.  A bad start for Bishop With Rob losing 3-0 to the number 1 and Tom losing in the 5th to the number 2 and Carl losing 3-1 to the number 3. Things didn’t look good. But a good win for Tom over the Northfield number 1 and a Win for Rob over the number 3 and another win for Tom over the number 3 from Northfield saw things levelled up. Carl then found the Number 1 too good and also lost to the number 2. But to finnish the match on a high Rob scored a great 3-0 win over the Northfield number 2 for another 5-4 loss.

At the end of play Bishop Auckland TTC finished on 17 points  only 3 points behind 1st place and 1 point behind 2nd so with 3 days still to go its all to play for.


  • Tom Whittaker  66%
  • Rob Renton 66%
  • Zak Hutchinson 66%
  • Carl Draper 50%
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