National Cadet League 2015

the 15th of November saw the start of another National Cadet League, This year Bishop Auckland had 4 teams. 

The A team represented by Peter Smallcombe, Max Duffin, Luca Pontone and Same Hume along with the B team of Troy Maddison, Leo Pontone, Connor Elston and Adam Hodgson were both in the first division. 

The first match saw the A team beat the B team 8-1 with Leo picking up a win for the B team. The A team continued there run picking up wins over Northumbria and Northfield.

The B Team also lost there second match to one of the top picks Ormseby 1 6-3 in a close match. the final match saw them get on the winning side with a victory over Ormseby 2.

Bishop C and D were both placed in Division 2. The C team of Alex Robinson, Adam Hanby, Luke Mitchell and Joe Sparke with an average age of under 11 years old got off to a flying start by beating the D team of Emma Smith, John Waterworth, Kieran Bowes and Hayden Gilmour. before just losing to Darlington B but finishing off with a victory over Ryedale

The D team after losing the first match picked them selfs up and and scored 2 win to finish the day with wins over Ormesby 3 and Ormesby 4

With Adam Hanby, Joe Sparke, Emma Smith, Hayden Gilmore, Kieran Bowes Alex Robinson all picking up 3 or more wins all the players will now apprear on the next ranking list taking Bishop Auckland TTC past 20 nationally ranked players.

Big well done to all the players, Parents and thanks to the coaches

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