National Junior League Day 4

The Final round of the National junior league took place on the 28th of Feb. The league split into two divisions with the A team sitting in 3rd place and the B team sitting in 3rd in the second division.  Due to time restrictions the decision was taken to play best of 3 sets meaning a lot of shock results which over 5 ends might have been different.  The A team started off with a 8-1 victory over Northumbria with Zak and Tom picking up hat tricks and Rob picking up two. The B team also picked up a 5-4 win over Ormesby B.  The A team then had a disappointing performance losing 9-0 to league leaders Ormesby C. The B Team also found the going tough losing out 8-1 to Blitz B with Jack Jacomb picking up a great victory over much higher ranked player. Next up was Northfield for the A team which was a 6-3 loss with Rob picking up 2 wins and a single for Tom with Carl unlucky not to beat Joe Cope. The B Team found Ormesby A to strong also losing out.  The two defeats saw the A team out of the running for the runners up spot and too far ahead of 4th place Blitz to see them drop down this saw a uninspiring 5-4 loss to Blitz B with  Rob Picking up a hat trick and a single for Zak. The B team finished up with a victory over Hartlepool with Matt Oldfield picking up 4 wins over the day should see him gain a national ranking.  

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