Hungary for success

Emma Smith, Troy Maddison, Jack Jacomb and Sam Hume took part in an international tournament from the 17th till the 20th of May in Hungary. Competing alongside Streetball and Beach football teams from England. The Team event consisted of 3 boys singles matches, 3 girls singles matches followed by a boy’s doubles match then a girl’s doubles match with the 2 players not having played in the doubles combined to play a mixed doubles match. The final medals matches saw a strong Romanian side containing national champions come out victorious. Meaning a sliver would be best place finish if the team could beat host county Hungary. The match started well with Sam Jack and Troy all winning there singles before the girls lost their singles games. Sam and Jack combined to Win the boys doubles match but the girls lost theirs to leave the match at 4-4 going into the mixed doubles. Troy and Emma battled but went down in the 5th set to leave the team in 3rd place.

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