Senior British League Debut for Bishop

The new season for Bishop Auckland officially started with the club fielding a homegrown team in the Senior British League. The British League is the table tennis equivalent of the football league    and much like football nearly all the clubs bring in players from all over to play for them but unlike football it’s just for the British League Matches, Bishop Auckland TTC is committed to producing and giving opportunities to its own players so fielded a very young team. The team of Ben Kelly, Sam Hume, Rob Renton, Lee Tinkler and James Neal started the day against the pre-season favourites North Ayrshire 2 and as expected a loss for Bishop Auckland however Lee Tinkler beat their number 4 to put Bishop on the score card. Next up was the isle of Man and unfortunately for Bishop another defeat, however the 7-3 score line doesn’t reflex how close the match was with many matches being very close. The Sunday saw James Neal come in for Sam Hume for the 2 local derby’s vs Ormesby. Match 1 vs Ormesby VI saw a 9-1 loss with James Neal picking up the win. The second derby was vs Ormesby V and again a loss but was a tight match with James just losing out to their number 1 Nick Corking before beating Luke Robinson and both doubles matches went to the 5th ends before going Ormesby’ s way. Ben Kelly and Lee Tinkler also both Beat Gary Whyman which now gives them a Senior ranking.

10-year-old Leo Pontone also made his start to the season in the Yorkshire 2 star in Halifax. In the cadets he ended up in the plate quarter finals before going down 3-1 to Nicholas Miller who went on to win the event. Finding his gears in the under 13’s Leo just down to the much higher ranked Oliver Bryant 12-10 in the 5th and as a result ended up in the plate after losing his other match he went on to reach the semi-finals before and injury stopped Leo in his tracks.

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