National Junior League 17/18 Day 1

National Junior League

A change of hosting dates saw the National Junior League side taking part in the North-West League. The side saw last year’s B team step up to become the A side, except James Neal who remains from last year’s winning side.

The day started very slowly after the long drive with the side going down 5-1 to Morecombe with only James getting the single win, the day didn’t get any better going down 4-2 to Preston B , Jonnie Maddison making his National Junior League debut picked up a single win along with John Waterworth.

The Afternoon saw the turning point with a 5-1 victory over Fastbats from Bradford with James Neal back in the side after sitting out last match picked up two wins along with Jonnie and John a single win.  Next up was Preston A, which saw a 3-3 draw again James man of the match picking up his two wins and Kieron getting the single. This was the same in the last match with Barrow with James picking up a unexpected ranking win within his two wins and a single for Kieron

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