Cliffedale Chandlers 4 Star

Cliffedale Chandlers 4 Star.

The third, 4-star tournament of the year was the Cliffedale Chandlers 4 star which saw Jake Haygarth, Luke Mitchell and Anya Milne all compete. The morning saw only Jake competing, winning his under 13’s group with two 3-0 wins before another 3-0 win over a player from Kent in the last 16 to set up a quarter final with England number 4 Harry Yip, after going 2-1 down Jake Pulled it back with a strong performance to win to reach his second 4Star semi of the season, where England number to Oliver Marci-Murry was too strong.

Like Jake, Luke also had a Maric-Murry to play in the cadet band 1 event but was older brother Harry, who like Oliver came away winner. Luke also lost his other match to a higher ranked player. In the same event Jake won his group with a win over Max Wilson from Brighton to set up a last 16 match with Joe Hunter, who came out winner 3-1.

The Cadet Girls band 1 saw Anya lose 3-1 to 4th seeded Sophie Rinnhofer before a 3-0 win over Connie Dumlow, which set up a last 16 match with Scarlet Anders who came away 3-1 winner.

The cadet events saw Luke lose to the two higher players in his group but scored a win over a home club player, Jake made it through his group as runner up losing to Conner Green but wasn’t all smooth sailing, being 2-1 and 7-0 down to Frederic Wilke before coming back to take the 5th. The Next round saw Jake play Ben Piggott with Ben coming in winner 3-0.

The Cadet girls saw a countback situation, Anya Lost to Amy Marriot 3-1 before putting in a great performance to beat England number 20 Niamh Scarborough 3-1, who had beaten Amy Marriot in 5 with all three girls having beaten Natasha Richardson. The countback put Anya through as runner up to play Samadhi Udamulla in the last 16 with Samadhi winning 3-1.

Sunday saw just Anya playing in the Junior events, The band 2 in the morning saw Anya overcome Abbie Hurley from Kent 3-0 before just going down in the 5th to Lucy Veron and 3-1 to Seeded Scarlet Anders. The afternoon saw Anya go down to Scarlet O’Neil and to 2nd seed Darcie Proud before beating England number 32 Junior Jodie Morris from Brighton.

a positive performances from the Bishop team and more to aim at for the next tournament     

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