Coach Of the Year award for Ben Kelly

Coach of the Year award for Ben Kelly.

Ben Kelly was honoured, at the Active Durham sports awards this week. Ben was voted as Coach of the Year for South and West Durham. The annual honours recognise the talent and commitment of the individuals, coaches, volunteers, clubs and schools whose exceptional work helps people of all ages and abilities to access sport and physical activity.

Ben weekly volunteers a minimum of two sessions a week, and is always willing to provide cover where possible, Ben attends many tournaments at the weekends to continue to help the players develop and achieve along with managing National League and British League teams.

“Ben is BATTC through and through, he has added a new dimension to the coaching at the club”he is adored by the parents, players and volunteers and we would not have achieved so much last season without him” – Matt Porter Club Chair “ he is always looking for new ideas and different ways to get ideas across and it really makes a difference”

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