National Cadet League 3

The re arranged 3rd day of National Cadet League took place on the 24th of Feb, with it being half term we were a few players missing who were away on holidays which saw the teams re jigged and some debuts made. Jack Anderson made his debut for the A team, While Eleanor O’Neil moved up to the B team and Oliver Brass made his debut in the C team.

The A team were sat in 4th place and the first match were vs 3rd place Darlington which saw Ben Mold come away with 3 wins and an unwell Alex Robinson 1 loosing out in the 5th to Darlington’s number 2 in a 5-4 loss. Next up saw the team get back on track with a 9-0 victory over Ormesby B and an 8-1 win over Scarborough B before the league split and had to play again play Darlington Academy A. Ben Mold once again produced to win all 3 and go unbeaten all day. Unfortunately, these were the only wins in a 6-3 loss.  Which keeps the team in 4th with the last day to go.

The B team started with a 7-2 loss to Northumbria who are top of the league with Benji Moore and Jake Bewley both winning 1 each, before a 9-0 win over Darlington Academy C which saw Eleanor get 3 wins to put her on the National Ranking list. Next up was Darlington Dolphins which saw the side go down 7-2 and finish in 7th place putting them in the second division, the first match I the split was vs the Bishop C team which saw a 9-0 win, to put them top of the second division.

The C team saw a 6-3 loss to Darlington Academy B, with Lucy Whales picking up her first win and Oliver Brass on his debut picking up two wins. Next up was top of the league Northumbria which was a 9-0 loss for he young side before a 6-3 win over Darlington C with Lucy and Oliver both picking up hattricks to secure their place on the national ranking list. The last match as above saw the C team lose to the B team.   

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