Senior British League - Weekend 1

Senior British League

this year’s Senior British League got underway, The A team got a promotion into Division 2 and had there fixtures down in Nottingham. The first match saw a 7-2 loss to Orsten Grimsby with Jamie Lupton and Lee Tinkler picking up wins next was another 7-2 loss to Halton with Dan Dodds and Jamie Lupton picking up the wins. The Sunday started with a narrow 5-4 loss to host Nottingham Sycamore with Jamie Lupton, Lee Tinkler, Richard Johnson and Dan Dodds all picking up 1 each., the side got the season up and running with a 6-3 win over Derwent III. Lee Tinkler got a double and a single for Richard, Jamie Dent and Dan Dodds and the doubles too.

The young B side, playing over in Middlesbrough, started with a 6-3 loss to Huddersfield with Luke Mitchell, Andrew McRae and Jamie Collins all getting a win. Next up was a 6-3 win over Cliffedale Chandlers, Andrew McRae again top man with a double and singles from Luke, Jamie and a great win over number 57 woman, for Amy Mold. Sunday continued winning ways with a 7-2 win over North Ayrshire III with doubles for Luke Mitchell, Andrew McRae and Amy Mold along with the doubles. The final match saw 11 year old Ben Mold make his debut for the side vs Shiyi Ling, The match saw a tight battle and tied at 2-2 and the next three games all went to the 5th and against Bishop Auckland before it finished 7-2 with singles for Andrew and Luke.

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