1-Star Introductory event

1 star introductory

The clubs first ever 1 star introductory event took place at the end of January with 10 club player taking part and players from as far away as Hull. The players took part in two groups of 6 with the top three from each group forming a top group playing for 1 to 6 and bottom three from each playing for 7-12. The day was a great success with lots of great play fantastic sportsmanship and fair play.

Finishing Positions

  1. Lucy Whales
  2. Jake Heighington
  3. Harry Flynn
  4. Kai Danby
  5. Jacob Wall
  6. Ronan Collins
  7. Thomas Whales
  8. Lucas Hannan
  9. Liam Lincoln
  10. Charlie Aisbitt
  11. Jake Norman
  12. Jack Taylor
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