Shining Slivers from Sheffield

Bishop Auckland Table Tennis Clubs Para players Andrew green and Ryan Morton took the trip down the road to Sheffield for the British Para Table Tennis Team Grand Prix event. The teams were picked by Para Coaches so the players didn’t know there partners till they arrived on the Saturday morning.

Andrew was partnered with fellow north easterner Noel Thomas and Ryan with Max Flint from the Surrey. The Saturday saw Andrew and Noel play two matches coming away 3-2 winners in both matches with the pair wining the doubles and 1 singles each in both matches only losing out to higher ranked players Sunday started the same with Noel and Andrew winning the doubles and 1 singles each both losing out Thomas Matthews from Wales who won a bronze at the world championships. The last match saw both lads beat Andy Guy but both go down 3-2 to Lee York to set up a tense doubles match which went the way of Andy and Lee 3-2 in a great final.

Ryan competing in the standing division 1 event started with a 3-2 win with Ryan and Max both losing to Para Development player Shae Thakker. Next for the lads was 5-0 win before the first loss of the campaign, a 3-2 loss, Both players beating Joe Davies from Cheshire but both losing to Para GB performance play Josh Stacey from Wales to set up a doubles with the welsh/Cheshire combo coming on the stronger pair. Sunday saw the boys pick up a 5-0 win to set up a clash of team who had both only lost to Stacey/Davies.  In a repeat of that match Ryan and Max beat the number 2 player but lost to the number 1 to set up a tense doubles, which Ryan and Max won to finish with Sliver.

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